Trends in Content Marketing 2017 and beyond: Content Delivery

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Trends in Content Marketing 2017 and beyond:
Content Delivery

This is the second of three installments on the topic of trends in content marketing. In this article I explore how the technological advancements are going to impact how marketers deliver content and how customers consume it. Here are three Trends in Content Marketing 2017 and beyond: Content Delivery.

Multi-channel marketing is dead

The over-arching driver of shift in the paradigm for content delivery is going to be “Transmedia Storytelling” It has been gaining traction in the B2C world specially like by Harry Potter, Star Wars, Eclipse and the Twilight Saga and most recent Disney projects. To differentiate themselves, B2B companies are going to adopt more and more of this paradigm. It’s going to be all about Bite Size content, micro-conversions, and Personalized content.

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Virtual Reality

Many retailers are testing out virtual reality as a medium for delivering exciting user experience, product demos and evaluations. Nike has been testing out VR/AR to market shoes, Lowe’s hardware VR Lab has been testing out ways to make you stand in your own future kitchen. Other high-end retailers are testing out personalized store window decors by using Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality and iBeacons. You step up to a shop’s window and its display will change based on who you are.


Consumption of audio marketing content will see a tremendous growth especially if your customers are located in large metropolitan cities with mass public transportation or parking-lot freeway commutes. Do you ever wonder why Radio is still alive?

The Written Word

Text based content is not going away anytime soon but its going to play a bigger role in native advertisement and integrated with other media. Google will continue to improve its algorithm around authenticity, originality, and keyword stuffing. Written text will become input into other forms of content creation engines.


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