Top 12 Key feature categories of an Apple Car

by Akbar Jaffer
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apple car concept idea

apple car concept idea

Many people are speculating, if Apple built an Apple car, what features would it have? Given how saturated the automotive industry is, the real question is, how will Apple innovate in this space or, in other words, “what differentiating features would an Apple Car have?”

After reading a few articles, studying Apple as an innovative company and looking at latest technologies in the most popular cars on the road, I came up with top 12 key feature categories of the new Apple car which will make people drop some serious cash for it.

Feature Categories of an Apple Car

  1. Serious Personalization capabilities
  2. The car will be Electric (or may be Solar-Hybrid)
  3. It will definitely be Self-driving
  4. It will be loaded with technology (iPhone, iPod, maps, Siri, finger print sensors, accelerometer, cameras, RFIDs)
  5. Virtual Reality windows and windshield
  6. Service (help, concierge, roadside assistance, real-time)
  7. Smart features (self-diagnostics, more precise and user friendly notifications and alerts, Self-inflating deflating tiers, remote start and heat/air, security, driving styles)
  8. Physical design (exterior look, interior feel, aerodynamics, driving experience, comfort, material, location of hidden components)
  9. Service-ability of cars (access to engine, frequency of maintenance required)
  10. Environment control (air quality, lighting, emission standards)
  11. Customizations (add video screens in the back seat rests, add features as components)
  12. Charging plug location on the car (should it have one, two, more, where should they be placed, what would be the interface like, performance)

apple concept car

What would be the “oh and one last thing”about the new Apple Car. Would you care to comment?

Update to the article on 5/26/2016:


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