Top 10 questions Apple will ask while designing an Apple Car

by Akbar Jaffer
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apple car, apple concept car

apple car, apple concept car

There has been a lot of speculation about an Apple car. The expectations are very high. If Apple were to build a car, it would go through a very rigorous process, as Apple does with everything it does, in order to come up with a truly disruptive new car.  Apple team will ask a thousand questions and I picked the top 10 that I feel will lead to some potentially disruptive answers. These questions indicate the type of thinking it will take Apple to come up with a car that would deserve the Apple logo on its front grill. That is, if it will even have a front grill. Here are the top 10 questions Apple will ask while designing an Apple Car.

  1. Why does a car have to have 4 wheels?
  2. Why does a car have to have those weird looking mirrors sticking out of the side of the car?
  3. Does the car need to have a actual physical rear-view mirror
  4. Should we manufacturer the car ourselves or have a manufacturing partner? May be have a manufacurugn partner the first 10 years.
  5. Is Apple car an actual car or is it just the technology that enables the cars?Powered by Apple sort of thing.
  6. What is/are our target market(s); for the first version, subsequent models?
  7. What should be the price point or points?
  8. Why do cars need to have oil change and tune-ups? If so, why so often? Why the current process?
  9. What is the longest battery life that we can get knowing what we know about batteries?
  10. What are the additional new areas of innovation once we introduce our new Apple car?

Many thoughts and answers will come out of the exercise above. I would like to elaborate on one thought, and that thought begs to ask the question; “what car models will Apple Car have?” This is a very interesting question because I believe this is one of those questions where Steve Jobs’ “living at the intersection of Technology and Humanities” will come in very handy.

  1. Single seater:  Statistics show that 90% of the cars on the road have one driver. That’s a lot of waste of space, fuel, energy, and car.
  2. Two seater: This is the next logical step up. Have you seen the two seater Smart Car?
  3. Four seater: This model might be for the next generation Uber drivers or driver’less Uber Cars.
  4. Sports Car: This model will be sold for $Bazzillion bought by the Johnny Ives of the world and will fund the research and development for the next 20 years of Apple Cars.
  5. SUV: Affluent soccer moms gotta look cool in a very elegant high end Apple SUV.
  6. Apple Van: Will Apple come up with a concept that will be used entirely for public transportation like ride share, Uber, Taxi? Perhaps a Partridge Family bus? Very 70’s  psychedelic and very hip.

The next couple years will be fun to watch Apple and the car industry.

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